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The PlayZone is the new element of D’Art Fusion.

The children will love climbing, running, balancing and jumping in colorful, safe surroundings with excellent and welcoming play experience. We have a whole team of trained professionals to look after and teach the children. We even have dedicated activities and a section just for the toddlers offering smaller versions of fun. We even have a corner called ‘Art Of The Day’which teaches you the art form which is assigned to that particular day.

The PlayZone is open to everyone. There is no compulsion of a kid being registered in an Art Class to be able to play in the PlayZone


It is said that a book is like a best friend that will never walk away from you. We at D’Art Fusion give you a wide variety to choose that best friend. We house geographical, factual, fictional, environmental, historical books along with encyclopedias and comic books.

A child may come in and spend all his leisure time after his art class in the library. If he is in love with it, he can borrow it and take it home.

The library is open all seven days of the week


The amphitheatre helps in screening small educational shows along with introducing them to the land of Frozen, The Lion King, Narnia, Alice In Wonderland and Aladdin and beyond.

Different movies and shows would help them develop their imaginative abilities and skills which is the base of a creative person.

Movies and games can be used for private partied and Birthday events