Messy Toddlers

About this Course

Age: 1.5 - 3 Years
Activities: Motor Sklls, finger painting
Weekly Frequency: 6
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Portfolio Making

This is a path that leads to the Artful Way of learning
We focus on their fine motor and gross motor skills that helps them develop better skills & develops a better grip on colours / pencils / sketch pen / chalks etc

Here the kids learn to paint with different Mediums
They learn how to cut stick fold paste

They learn all kinds of geometrical shapes and start doing all different patterns that helps that for their hand and eye coordination

Art is something where the earlier you start the better !

And we believe in small size grps and personal attention hence every child is attended with a proffersonally trained teacher .
Many of the materials and techniques are new to them and they get so much delight & experience through using them :

You see your child growning and developing right in front of your eye .

Here are some of the activities that we explore

  • Finger painting
  • Play dough modeling
  • Wheel and roller painting
  • Oil Patel
  • Water colours
  • Tissue paper art
  • Salty puffy painting

And the list goes on

Time Split