About Us

Welcome to The Art Fusion!

Creativity is the most important form of literacy.

D’ Art Fusion was formed by Mrs. Sanjana Asher Kamdar & Dishank Kamdar , Sunny Leone and Daniel Weber who have come together to create a state of art, modern art center/school for Children. Sanjana, who has a fine art degree from Rachana Sansad Academy, Mumbai – one of the city’s most prestigious school, founded the first D’ Art Fusion location in 2011 with one centre in Juhu Mumbai and second in Lokhandwala, Andheri in 2018.

Now Teaming up With Sunny and Daniel, The newest location is located in the heart of Juhu – on the 10th road. The new centre just would not be an art school, it will also be a play zone where the kids can be themselves and have a fusion of art and fun. Along with this, it also has other amenities like the library, amphitheatre and cafeteria along with being the elite birthday party destination.

The vision is to combine creativity and leisure along with overall development of the brain and body.



The PlayZone is the new element of D’Art Fusion.

The children will love climbing, running, balancing and jumping in colorful, safe surroundings with excellent and welcoming play experience. We have a whole team of trained professionals to look after and teach the children. We even have dedicated activities and a section just for the toddlers offering smaller versions of fun. We even have a corner called ‘Art Of The Day’ which teaches you the art form which is assigned to that particular day.

The PlayZone is open to everyone. There is no compulsion of a kid being registered in an Art Class to be able to play in the PlayZone


It is said that a book is like a best friend that will never walk away from you. We at D’Art Fusion give you a wide variety to choose that best friend. We house geographical, factual, fictional, environmental, historical books along with encyclopedias and comic books.

A child may come in and spend all his leisure time after his art class in the library. If he is in love with it, he can borrow it and take it home.

The library is open all seven days of the week

11_22_05_DENVER, COLORADO- ABOVE: This is the indoor amphitheatre where kids can watch movies, ball games etc . The Regency Hotel at 3900 Elati street  in downtown Denver has had a facelift and is now is the Auraria's Student Housing Community. The old run-down hotel now is fully loaded with fully furnished single, double, and four-person suites. The rent includes basic cable TV , high speed internet access , utilities  local telephone service in the rooms  and are fully furnished with beds, desks, etc . The prices for the rooms run from $450/month to $890/month depending on the choice of room and/or roommates . The Regency also offers a host of other amenitites for the student: Dining hall, coffee shop and juice bar, vending machines, free bus shuttle to and from campus, over 700 parking spaces, fitness center and weight room, two indoor basketball courts, swimming pool, game room with billiards, computer room, wireless internet access areas, and many other amenities . The new housing is about half filled with students with about 160 students housed there. They have a capacity to house 300 students . The facility opened August 28th of 2005 . PHOTOS BY HELEN H. RICHARDSON  (Photo By Helen H. Richardson/The Denver Post via Getty Images)

Movie Screening

The Movie screening helps in screening small educational shows along with introducing them to the land of Frozen, The Lion King, Narnia, Alice In Wonderland and Aladdin and beyond.

Different movies and shows would help them develop their imaginative abilities and skills which is the base of a creative person.

Movies and games can be used for private partied and Birthday events.


The Cafeteria is where the kids would occasionally go and learn to cook, make and bake. The kid would learn not only to make a dish, but he would also use his imagination and creativity to make his version of the said dish. The activities would be done completely under the supervision of professionals.


Birthday Parties

D’Art Fusion is a one stop destination for all your child’s Birthday Parties and Play Dates.

We arrange and manage everything from A to Z to make your event as special as you expect it to be.

From Art to Catering , play and more.